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Please place your online orders on or before 8th April to avoid any delay in deliveries during holiday season. All orders received from 9th April will be processed after 19th April. Our Flagship Store will be open at Level 3, One Galle Face Mall from 10am - 10pm, everyday. Thank you for your support.
We wish you all a Happy Sinhala & Tamil New Year!


Ava Front Bow Pant - 100% Linen

Rs 3,475.00Rs 6,950.00

Ariana Dress - Linen Cotton

Rs 2,610.00Rs 4,350.00

Luna Button Detail Skirt - 100% Linen

Rs 2,475.00Rs 4,950.00

Luna Button Detail Skirt - Linen Blend

Rs 2,475.00Rs 4,950.00

Stella Top - Linen Blend

Rs 2,010.00Rs 3,350.00

Vivian Blouse - Linen Blend

Rs 1,290.00Rs 2,150.00

Hazel Halter Neck Dress - Linen Blend

Rs 2,790.00Rs 4,650.00

Thea Classic Shirt - 100% Linen

Rs 2,370.00Rs 3,950.00

Joy Dress - 100% Linen

Rs 3,475.00Rs 6,950.00

Joy Dress - Linen Blend

Rs 3,475.00Rs 6,950.00

Arya Dress - 100% Linen

Rs 2,790.00Rs 4,650.00

Sofia Dress - Linen Blend

Rs 2,425.00Rs 4,850.00

Kiran Wrap Top - Linen Blend

Rs 2,070.00Rs 3,450.00

Kiran Wrap Top - 100% linen

Rs 2,370.00Rs 3,950.00

Arya Dress - Linen Blend

Rs 2,790.00Rs 4,650.00

Induni Tussle Hem Dress - Linen Blend

Rs 2,610.00Rs 4,350.00

Emma Side Slit Dress - Linen Blend

Rs 2,550.00Rs 4,250.00

Camila Blouse - Linen Blend

Rs 1,950.00Rs 3,250.00
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