Our Story

Birth of the Brand

EKKO is the brainchild of Lalantha Watudura, an expert with decades of exposure and insider knowledge in the fashion industry.

“I was first exposed to the fashion and apparel industry growing up as a child when I was assisting my mother in her Batik & Handloom business, where my curiosity and interest in the industry initially sparked. So naturally I had wanted to pursue a career in fashion since a young age. In 1990 I started my career in the global fashion apparel industry, and by 2001, I became an independent sourcing partner; servicing multiple international clothing brands. This experience coupled with my passion for excellence and responsible fashion grew my desire to carve my own path in the industry, which led to the birth of EKKO in 2013. The idea behind EKKO was to create a reflection of lifestyle and a fashion brand for Men & Women that is not only premium quality but also the best value for money and provides a complete wardrobe solution. I believe our commitment to product integrity and ethically-made fashion is what will allow us to position and sustain globally.
When you have the conviction to do something and challenge yourself, doors will always open.”
- Lalantha Watudura, Founder & Creative Director. 

EKKO is internationally renowned for its attention to finer details and consistency in utilizing superior quality and sustainable fabrics. What started out as a Men's casual range, its product line has expanded to an essential Men's & Women's wardrobe.


Product Integrity

We hand pick fibers that perform best to suit the needs of our customers worldwide, offering the most comfort, durability, and premium quality. To ensure consistency and the best value-for-money, we only source the finest fabric materials that are pre-tested before use. Ranging from pure 100% Linen, Linen Blends, 100% Cotton, Supima Cotton, Viscose, Rayon, Synthetic Surfaces etc.  
Careful thought and consideration goes into every design we make, from the threads to the buttons we use. All our designs are made with our customers in mind, constantly refining our product catalogue based on experience and research.   



Our Philosophy

We believe in consistency in quality & workmanship, attention to detail, and being the best value-for-money as the key ingredients in our philosophy. Empowering innovation, design, and ethically sourcing with complete traceability is our way of creating products that provide ultimate customer satisfaction. All our collections are carefully curated to embody a lifestyle fashion wardrobe for those who seek Class & Comfort.